Does The Nintendo Switch Have A Camera: How To Use Nintendo Switch IR Camera

Nintendo Switch IR Camera

Does the Nintendo Switch have a camera built into it? The answer is sort of…sort of. Would you like to know if the Nintendo Switch has a camera on it? Let us tell you what we find out! In spite of the many features and advantages that the Nintendo Switch offers, the presence or absence … Read more

How Much Harder is High School Than Middle School?

High School

When you get ready to embark into freshman year of high school, there’s little question there are some anxieties. That’s alright! You might be pleasantly pleased to hear, though, that high school isn’t inherently harder, but it is certainly different. High School vs. Middle School: Is It That Much Harder? It’s natural for lessons to … Read more

What is a Permanent Home Address? What it means for your student.

Home Address

As a student, you may have come across the term “Permanent Home Address” and wondered what it means. Your Permanent Home Address is the address where you consider yourself to permanently reside or where you can be reached when you are not living on campus. In this article, we will discuss the importance of having … Read more