Snapchat birthdays – how to see birthdays on Snapchat 2023

Snapchat makes it easier than ever to see upcoming birthdays. Do you want to know how to see birthdays on Snapchat in 2023? Let us show you how!

Snapchat is a popular application known for its filters, planets, and My AI. Did you know that you can also view your friends’ birthdays on Snapchat?

Never miss an opportunity to celebrate with your friends on their birthdays by staying on top of this article.

How to see upcoming birthdays on Snapchat

Snapchat makes it easy to find birthdays. It’s easy to see when your friends’ birthdays fall on the calendar and plan a surprise party.

To see birthdays on Snapchat, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Chat screen by swiping right.
  • Find the friend whose birthday you wish to view.
  • View a profile by tapping the name or bitmoji of the person.
  • Under their username, you will see their birthday (balloon icon), snap score, and zodiac sign.

The Snapchat app will also display a cake emoji next to their name if it’s their birthday. Friends who are celebrating their special day can easily be identified this way.

On the special day of your friend’s birthday, you won’t see a cake emoji next to their name if the Birthday Party feature is disabled in their Snapchat settings.

Now that you know your best friend’s birthday, you can ask My AI on Snapchat for birthday gift suggestions. It is important to keep in mind that Snapchat My AI has a usage limit.

Is Snapchat Birthdays Mini not working?

Snapchat has removed Games and Minis from its app (01/03/2023). To see upcoming birthdays on Snapchat, navigate to your friend’s profile and tap Friend’s Birthstone under Charms.

If you cannot view someone’s birthday on Snapchat, it’s because their Birthday Party feature is disabled. In the Birthdays Mini, only your friends who have opted in to have their birthdays seen on Snapchat are included.

If the Snapchat Birthdays Mini does not work at all, not displaying anyone’s birthday, it may be faulty. We recommend killing and relaunching Snapchat if that’s the case.

Furthermore, Snapchat Birthdays Mini isn’t available on Snapchat Web.

Having learned how to view birthdays on Snapchat, learn how to view your best friends list on Snapchat Plus and what to do if your Snapchat is temporarily disabled.


How does Snapchat handle birthdays?

Snapchat provides a feature that allows users to enter and display their birthdays on their profiles. When users add their birthdates, Snapchat recognizes and celebrates their birthdays by displaying special filters, stickers, and lenses that can be used to create birthday-themed Snaps.

How do I add my birthday to my Snapchat profile?

To add your birthday to your Snapchat profile, follow these steps:
a. Open the Snapchat app and tap on your profile icon at the top left corner.
b. Tap on the gear icon (settings) at the top right corner.
c. Scroll down and select “Birthday.”
d. Enter your birthdate, including the month, day, and year.
e. Tap “Continue” and select the visibility option for your birthday.
f. Tap “Save” to confirm your changes.

Can I customize the visibility of my birthday on Snapchat?

Yes, Snapchat provides options to customize the visibility of your birthday. You can choose to display your birthday only to yourself, your friends, or everyone on Snapchat. This allows you to control who can see and celebrate your birthday on the platform.

What happens on my birthday on Snapchat?

On your birthday, Snapchat displays special birthday-themed filters, stickers, and lenses that you can use to enhance your Snaps. Additionally, your friends and contacts will likely see a birthday cake emoji next to your username to indicate that it’s your special day.

Can I receive birthday wishes from my Snapchat friends?

Yes, your Snapchat friends have the option to send you birthday wishes through private messages, Snaps, or by posting on your Story. They can use Snapchat’s features and creative tools to send you personalized birthday messages, stickers, or photos to make your day even more memorable.

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